Ultra-Light Hunter

Do you cover large tracks of ground on foot or hunt at high altitude in mountainous terrain? If so, the weight of your rifle becomes ALMOST as important as its reliability and accuracy. Bill’s Custom Automatics builds its ultralight precision rifles to be the ultimate in carry ability and accuracy.

The foundation of this rifle is a McMillan Sporter stock with Ultralight Fill and Kevlar exterior. This provides an extremely light but highly rigid foundation that is dimensionally stable in extreme weather, but rugged enough to handle the rigors of hunting expeditions. These stocks are available with molded in color finishes or can be painted.
BCA wild build rifles on most quality custom actions such as BAT, Stiller, Defiance etc… However, our choice for custom builds is the Borden repeating action in the appropriate length for the caliber of your choosing. Borden repeaters are the perfect blend of accuracy and reliability. Borden repeaters have the incredibly precise bolt fit and machining tolerances needed for extreme accuracy but still have enough allowance engineered in to be reliable in field hunting environments. This perfect balance is paramount when extreme weather conditions are combined with the need to precisely reach a target 600 yards across the next valley.

Supreme accuracy requires that your action be mated to your stock rigidly and precisely. Bill’s Custom Automatics uses a Multi Laminate Pillar Bedding technique to establish the ultimate action bed. The foundation of this technique is two aluminum pillars which traverse vertically through the stock to form the vertical limiters for the action. Next the base layer of laminating compound, which has a Shore D Hardness Rating of ##, is poured in covering 75% of the pillars and permanently locking them into the stock forever. A substance with this Shore D hardness insures absolutely ZERO movement FOREVER! Finally, a special compound with 0.0% thermal expansiveness forms the final bed for the action. That level of thermal stability ensures your action remains in the exact same location as temperatures range from freezing winter to sweat dripping summer. Our Multi Laminate bedding method is the definition of “World Class”, there is no better anywhere, period.

Achieving this performance from an ultralight rifle also requires the absolute best barrel. That’s why BCA rifles are built using Krieger’s. While we will use other barrels at the customer’s request, our quality and performance commitments are based around the time tested performance of Kreiger barrels. Your ultralight rifle will use the lightest match grade barrel practical for the caliber you choose. Fluting is available based on the customer’s preference.

To achieve extreme lightness, we utilize Borden CNC machined aluminum alloy bottom metal. Borden’s proprietary alloy is one of the lightest and stiffest bottom metals in the industry. Combined with one piece aluminum alloy piccatinny scope bases and a Jewel trigger, you will have a “World Class” ultralight hunting instrument that can reap game from bean fields to the mountain tops.