-I was asked to comment on the work done at " Bill's Custom Automatics ". My first custom built 45 was built by Bill Thompson using a base Springfield Armory stainless 1911. This was followed by a competition 1911. A few years later Tim Thompson moved back from Alaska and a new friendship was born. I had read an article by Sheriff Jim Wilson on the fancy guns of the Texas Rangers which they called their " Barbecue Gun ". This was their fancy gun that was only worn to special functions. After saving my pennies I commissioned Tim to build my own barbecue gun in 45 Auto. The resulting gun was beyond all expectations. It is a true work of art. The fit and finish are as good as or better than any gun I have ever seen in any gun magazine. On top of that it shoots groups that have to be seen to be believed. This gun was followed by a "race gun" chambered in 38 super comp..

Again, the fit,finish, and function were what you come to expect from a Master Craftsman like Tim. Tim builds guns that are works of art and are as much fun to look at as they are to shoot. If you want the best built pistol,rifle, or shotgun that can be found in this country then contact Tim at Bill's Custom Automatics.

Mike Watkins, Greenwood, MS

- Bill and Tim Thompson are wonderful. I have had them do everything from basic refinishing work to full blown custom open class custom pistols. Having been a gun enthusius all my life, I've seen a lot of different gunsmiths work. I've never been dissapointed in anything Bill and Tim have done. I've seen the most beautiful custom 1911 ever come from BILL'S CUSTOM AUTOMATICS. Some gunsmiths are great machineist, but not shooters. Bill and Tim are both master craftsmen and experienced shooters, which allows them to understand the problems that can arrise out in the field and on the competitive range. I own 10 custom pistols built by either Bill or Tim. Some are used in defense of my person and property and others for USPSA/IPSC practical pistol competition. I would put one of my pistols from BILL'S CUSTOM AUTOMATICS up against anybody in the world. I wouldn't even consider having anybody else build anything for me. Their products work.


- Tim's custom 45's are second to none. I know & speak from experience as I own several top of the line 1911 from various (_Famous_) gunsmiths. If you're a competition shooter, hunter or need a reliable, accurate work gun, talk to Tim. He is a true master in his profession.

As a firearms retail shop owner and shooter, I would be hard pressed to find a gunsmith who stands by his work and is so easy to deal with. I highly recommend Bill's Custom Autos to anyone looking for the best in firearms.

By the way, he is a very fine shot himself and knows what it takes satisfy the most picky.

Bill Filiaga, Pro Tec Alaska

- It has been a priviledge to be associated with Bill’s Custom Automatics and the highly professional work they have done for me on custom pistols and rifles. Both Tim and Bill Thompson are truly masters at the art of gunsmithing. I would have no other firm build or repair any gun that I own.

Hal Williams, Mississippi Delta Cotton Company, Inc.