“Female World Champion” Jessie Duff

Tim has been working on my competition firearms since 2012, and never before have they been in such good condition, or have I had so much confidence in them. Being a National Champion shooter himself, Tim understands what it means to compete, and to have the finest quality firearm available. His custom work is the best I’ve seen in the industry, and the most reliable. I’ve spent many hours in the shop with him and the guys, watching him work, and learning at the same time. Tim is the most knowledgeable gunsmith I have ever met, and has such a passion for building custom firearms. I want to thank you Tim, for the many hours you have dedicated to my guns, and for sharing your wisdom and passion with me. You have helped me achieve so many milestones in my career these past few years, and I’ve enjoyed having you in the winner’s circle with me!

Jessie Duff
Taurus Shooting Team Captain
First Female USPSA Grand Master

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