“U.S. Navy Seal” T-Roy

Tim not only salvaged but redefined a custom build on a match pair of Caspian 1911’s in 9mm. A good friend brought me to Tim as a solution to the problem that these two pistols had become and I could never have imagined the end result. With an extensive history in Special Operations both as an operator and as an assault and tactical shooting instructor I have had the opportunity to work with a number of gun companies and smiths over the years not to mention countless different firearms both in my personal and professional life. The workmanship that Bills Custom Automatics is putting out is nothing short of an art and provides perfection in the form of firearms all while remaining not only professional but humble in today’s extraordinarily competitive market. I will not only go to Tim for all of my custom needs from this point forward but will recommend his work to not only my community but to every serious shooter I come into contact with in the future.

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