De-edging is one of the most overlooked and undervalued attributes of a handgun. This is probably because de-edging doesn’t radically change the way the gun looks or provide the shooter a gizmo he can manipulate. If so, what’s the big deal?

All production guns, and many so called “custom” guns, have sharp edges. You’ll find these edges around the ejection port, on the back edges of the slide, around the front of the frame apron, on the edges of the safety levers etc… If you undergo formal training and do “Tap-Rack-Bang” drills, you will aggressively rub your hand across these areas dozens of times. Truly “Operating” a gun in this professional manor will leave you ripped and bleeding if your gun hasn’t been de-edged. Being a “World Class” gun means these refinements have been attended to. If you operate a BCA gun in the aggressive manor that firearms professionals are trained to, you WON’T end up with scars to show for it. That’s the difference between “World Class” and the “Status Quoe”.