Trigger Tuning

Sear Jig You know their names, the “Big Custom Shops”. Years ago there were true custom gun makers. Their quality led to popularity and then they were forced to make “the choice”. Get bigger, put out more guns, and make more money. The problem is more output means less time per gunsmith. So they make “efficiency choices” that reduce quality “a little bit” but it’s worth the payoff. Choices like drop-in bushings and installing aftermarket trigger components that are pre-fit.

At Bill’s Custom Automatics we’ve made different choices. We’ve chosen to relentlessly pursue precision and produce one class of weapon, World Class! Each of our BCA 1911’s come with trigger systems that are hand tuned for the individual gun. No drop in and go parts.

AT BCA we take extreme care in setting each sear angle and breakaway to accommodate the pin fit and location for each individual gun. The minute differences that do exist even in today’s well machined frames, do make a difference. We also make sure all sear work is conducted in jigs, no freehand tuning. This keeps all surfaces mechanically perfect and consistent. The result is a World Class trigger pull custom tuned for your gun and your application.