Dual Layer Bedding Process

Laminate Pour Many rifle builders bed their barreled actions using a single type of bedding compound. They choose this process because it’s expedient and less expensive. This method falls short of our standards at Bill’s Custom Automatics.

BCA Pillar Beds all of our Competition and Precision Hunting rifles. Because the stock pillars are the foundation for your barrel action they must be secured in a way that guarantees absolutely no movement. When we say NO MOVEMENT, we mean even one ten thousandth of motion is UNACCEPTABLE. Traditional bedding compounds, which were designed to mate actions without pillars, are not stiff enough to meet our standards for anchoring pillars into the stock.

To eliminate this problem we use two separate compounds to pillar bed our barreled actions. The first compound is an industrial grade Laminating Epoxy that is many times harder than bedding compound. About 90 percent of the pillar is encased in this substance ensuring absolutely zero motion under the most violent recoil.


Bedding To bed the action we use a special compound that has a 0.00% thermal expansion ratio. This compound enables us to perfectly mate the action to the stock and ensures radically fluctuating temperatures (think mountain hunting) don’t cause the bedding to shrink or swell. By using this Dual Layer Bedding method, Bill’s Custom Automatics ensures your rifle has the most stable, stress free barreled action possible.