Long Range Hunter

The BCA Long Range Hunter is quite a special instrument. Extreme accuracy is a basic requirement, repeatability is what makes this platform different. This rifle must be able to stack bullets long after the cold bore shot is a memory. Whether its multiple shots on hogs or all day prairie dog genocide, this rifle must be able to repeatedly touch bullet holes way, way, down range.

Yes, all of the precision characteristics present in our Ultralight and Field rifles are absolutely required to make this happen. However, the one difference here is that weight is not a dirty word. Heavy barrels and heavy stocks are what makes these rifles repeatable and comfortable to shoot so many times in one sitting.

To achieve this, BCA’s exploit McMillan’s Tactical series stocks and utilizes the heavy fill with a Kevlar outer shell. These stocks have enough mass to accommodate heavy profile barrels that range from Palma tapers up to Heavy Target tapers that resemble your own personal cannon barrel. Unless otherwise requested, Long Range Hunters come with fluted barrels to increase surface area and speed up barrel cooling.

BCA will build rifles on most quality custom actions such as BAT, Stiller, Defiance etc… However, our choice for custom builds is the Borden repeating action in the appropriate length for the caliber of your choosing. Borden repeaters are the perfect blend of accuracy and reliability. Borden repeaters have the incredibly precise bolt fit and machining tolerances needed for extreme accuracy but still have enough allowance engineered in to be reliable in field hunting environments. This perfect balance is paramount when extreme weather conditions are combined with the need to precisely reach a target 600yds across the field.

Supreme accuracy requires that your action be mated to your stock rigidly and precisely. Bill’s Custom Automatics uses a Multi Laminate Pillar Bedding technique to establish the ultimate action bed. The foundation of this technique is two aluminum pillars which traverse vertically through the stock to form the vertical limiters for the action. Next the base layer of laminating compound, which has a Shore D Hardness Rating of 90, is poured in covering 75% of the pillars and permanently locking them into the stock forever. A substance with this Shore D hardness insures absolutely ZERO movement FOREVER! Finally, a special compound with 0.0% thermal expansiveness forms the final bed for the action. That level of thermal stability ensures your action remains in the exact same location as temperatures range from freezing winter to sweat dripping summer. Our Multi Laminate bedding method is the definition of “World Class”, there is no better anywhere, period.

Sometimes bigger is better! When you pull your Long Range Hunter out of the case, it will turn heads every time. When people see it, it’s the gun they want. When they see the targets it makes, it’s they gun they must have. Fortunately it’s yours!