Open Steel Gun

Limited Class .40 CalCaliber:
Weight (No Mag):
Weight (With Mag):
Over All Length:
Barrel Length:
Barrel Twist:
Barrel Type:
Width (Thinnest Pt.):
Width (Thickest Pt.):
Trigger Pull Weight:
Front Sight:
Rear Sight:
Manual Safety:
Grip Safety:
Mag. Well:

Essentially a single stack race gun, BCA’s “Open Class” Steel Gun is designed to make quick work of USPSA steel competitions. This steel thoroughbred is kept light by building on a single stack slide and frame that undergoes the same extensive metal lightening procedures used to Mass Balance our race guns. A standard weight barrel and tapered cone compensator are also employed to keep weight to a minimum. The result is a light, well balanced, tool that delivers precision and performance measured in thousandths of a second.

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Single Stack Slide & Frame

BCA’s Open Steel guns are built on gunsmith fit Caspian Single Stack Frames and Slides. BCA uses Caspian components because we feel they are the best slides and frames in the industry. We hand fit these components to absolute minimum tolerances so they are ultimately reliable and accurate. After completion and break-in, we Hard Chrome Plate these guns to ensure a lifetime of durability and reliability. If you prefer you steel gun black that we can also finish it in traditional bluing.

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Tapered Cone Compensator & Barrel System

All BCA Limited Class .40’s are built on STI High Capacity Frames. To minimize the weight of your steel gun, BCA utilizes tapered cone compensators. Tapered Cone comps allow us to use standard thickness barrels avoiding the extra weight associated with bull barreled comp systems. Because steel matches are shot with minor power factor loads our 3 port compensator achieves maximum compensation to produce a super flat, superlight recoiling steel gun.

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Mass Balancing

A handgun must be balanced to serve the role for which it was built. A high capacity gun holding 22 rounds has different balancing requirements than a single stack gun that only holds 10. BCA Steel guns have been extensively lightened to insure they are the lightest fastest handling steel guns in the industry, but being light isn’t the only key. The weight we take off must also be taken from the correct areas to produce a well-balanced pistol that has a flat recoil motion. Looking at a BCA Open Steel gun you will notice many areas where metal has been machined from the slide and frame. The locations and amounts of metal removed have been painstakingly determined to provide the ultimate in mass balanced weapons. It’s this kind of thought and engineering that set our “Race Guns” apart as “World Class” weapons.

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Adjustable Rear Sight

Bill’s Custom Automatics shell mills the rear of the slide to ensure your Bo-Mar adjustable rear sight is mounted as low as possible. Shell milling provides extra protection on the sides of the sight and improves the cosmetic appearance of the slide as well. With this fully adjustable sight installed you will be able to precisely zero your pistol whenever completion requirements cause you to shoot a different load.

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While our Tri-Topped slides are cosmetically beautiful, their form is matched only by their function. Tri-Topping reduces the weight of the slide, WITHOUT MAKIGN IT MORE SUSEPTIBLE TO DIRT AND OTHER FORIGN MATTER. Lighter slide weight means faster cycle times and less felt recoil. Tri-Topping provides you these benefits WITHOUT the reduction in reliability that porting and scalloping introduce by increasing the weapons exposure to dirt and other contaminants.

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Optical Sights

BCA Open Class Steel guns come ready to accept optical sights. The sight system is based on a cantilevered aluminum scope mount with gas pedal and comes standard with the industry proven C-More Railway style sights. We are also glad to install the newer generation of low footprint “Micro Dots” offered by C-More, Leupold and others. These parallax free sights offer some of the fastest sight references available to today’s race gunner. (Different sights may require different mounts and effect total price)

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Competition Mag Well

BCA machine fits each mag-well to its frame. While this traditional method has been abandoned by many gun makers because of its time consuming nature, we feel no other technique matches its quality. Our completion mag wells look like they were actually made into the frame. The funnel mates to the receiver fluently and seamlessly eliminating the possibility of mag hang-ups. These mag-wells are also cosmetically excellent appearing as if they were machined as one piece with the frame. You won’t find a better looking or functioning mag-well on the range.

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Fire Control System

Some people call it a Trigger, but they’re missing the target. A great feeling trigger is the result of six parts that must work together like the components of a Swiss watch. Each of the components in BCA’s fire control system are hand fit to engage each other in perfect timing and balance. Our fire control systems minimize trigger take-up and provides just enough over travel to ensure the trigger resets rapidly and reliably. This hand tuning produces a crisp, quick, response that makes activating the trigger a precision movement which can’t be adequately described by using the word “Pull”.

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Grip Safety and Mainspring Housing

The grip safety and mainspring housing are the components that have the greatest contact with the shooters hand. A “World Class” gun must provide the shooter’s hand a world class grip. Your hand should mate up with the gun like a custom fit driving glove. To achieve this union, the grip safety must be fit to near zero tolerance. The upper portion of the grip tang must be ground for the highest possible grip while maintaining a natural symmetrical contour. The mainspring housing must be fit for absolutely zero movement vertically or horizontally. The frame from top to bottom should meld with the contour of the grip safety and mainspring housing as if they were made in one piece. BCA guns deliver the best fit to your hand achievable so you and the gun can function as one.